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TSS Will Return On Thurs. 1/6 & Fir 1/7 Next Week

Mon 12/27/2004

Homebrewing Dark Tips, House, LAN Party — 12/16/2004 Show

Tues. 12/28/2004

Tony Pierce, Alan Tudyk, Slashdot Killers — 12/13/2004 Show

Wed. 12/29/2004

Zap-N-Trash, Overclocked Scrubber, DVD Tuesday — 12/14/2004 Show

Thurs. 12/30/2004

Drew Curtis, SLI PCs, Lit — 12/17/2004 Show

Fri. 12/31/2004 — New Year’s Eve

No Show — G4techTV Specials: Road To G-Phoria Vol. 4 &
Players 314 Pre-Phoria

—– TSS Weekend ———-

Sat. 1/1/05 — New Year’s Day 2005

No Show — X-Day — X Play Viewer’s Choice Shows

Sun. 1/2/05 — 4pm ET / 1pm PT

Drew Curtis, SLI PCs, Lit — 12/17/2004 Show

(schedule courtesy of nightone001)

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