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Apple Releases the Mighty Mouse!

Here it comes to save the day! Mighty Mouse is on its way!

Okay seriously. Leave it to Apple to design and develop a mouse that has multiple buttons and a scroll ball but doesn’t actually have any buttons. It’s pretty sleek looking, don’t get me wrong, but seriously, they could have chosen a name other than Mighty Mouse. It just sounds…well…silly, and brings to mind images of the old cartoon. Oh well, maybe that’s what they wanted to do. Anyway, the new mouse features multibutton support (especially in the form of two buttons at the top of the mouse, finally giving Apple users the right-click that’s been long coded into the OS but languished as a hidden feature) and some other special features for the side buttons and the scroll ball. It’s pretty neat, but the $49 price tag is nothing to smile at-it’s not surprising since all of Apple’s keyboards and mice are expensive (Apple keyboard: $29, Apple wireless keyboard: $59, Apple mouse: $29, Apple wireless mouse: $59) and the Mighty Mouse was sure to fit in there somewhere. The Mighty Mouse is wired, and here’s to hoping it’ll start shipping with every new Mac. When it’s the default mouse for the Macintosh, then we’ll have a winner on our hands. I can’t imagine Apple doing anything else, though.

Check out the Mighty Mouse:
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