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Wal-Mart Leaks $299 Xbox 360 Price

Oh look out! Gamers beware! Okay-this really wasn’t so particularly amazing or unexpected. We all had expected the purchase price for Microsoft’s next-generation console gaming system, the Xbox 360, to be about $299, and today’s leak by Walmart pretty much confirmed it. Granted the price could change between now and then, but it probably won’t go up for any reason. In addition to this, the rumor mill is pointing to a November 4th, 2005 release date for the Xbox 360, and most game stores and websites are already taking pre-orders for the system and most of its release titles.

For more details, and a little comparison to the rumors circulating about Sony’s Playstation 3 console, scheduled to come out sometime next year, check out this article from ArsTechnica.
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