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First Family of Windows Vista Viruses Unleashed

Uh oh! Looks like no sooner than Windows Vista Beta 1 go live over MSDN and to developers and other beta testers did it wind up available on the p2p circuit, and as soon as it was available on the p2p circuit the viruses appeared. Not that this is really significant news, because I’m sure many of the security holes and problems that are present in the current beta of Vista will be plugged and patched up between now and the final release, but it’s still amusing to see how quickly the exploits and viruses have come across for Microsoft’s new operating system. Read the details:

[,aid,122125,tk,dn080505X,00.asp ]

Looks like Microsoft has decided to pull the scripting shell, code named “Monad,” that led to the ease with which these viruses were created and used. It’s kind of amusing that, rather than make a more secure product, or lock down their scripting environment, they instead choose to pull yet another feature from Vista. I’m thinking this definitely makes the list of features pulled from the new OS longer than the list of new features that’ll be in it. Anyway, PC World has the updated scoop:

[,aid,122145,tk,dn080805X,00.asp ]

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