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N.Y. Attorney General Prods AOL on Cancellation Policies

Everyone knows how horrifically difficult it is to cancel your subscription once you’ve signed on with AOL; in fact to the point that many people just don’t bother, or set aside time in their schedules for the repetative “no, I want to cancel” they have to keep saying to the AOL rep on the phone when they call to cancel. It’s pretty sad, in my opinion, but it was a fact of life if you were an AOL subscriber, and it’s a testiment to how badly AOL is doing in the face of other ISPs offering similar or better services for less money, and in the face of ever father-reaching broadband internet access.

Even so, Eliot Spitzer, the Attorney General for New York (bless that man) put his nose into the fray after recieving over 300 complaints from AOL users mad that they were getting the short end when they tried to cancel, or their cancellation requests were outright denied. Spitzer, the friend of the consumer that he is, prodded AOL about their customer retention practices, and out of it comes a settlement where AOL promises to go easier on customers who want to cancel their service. Wonderful news. Read all about it:

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