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Firefox 1.5 Beta Available Soon

A new Firefox beta is coming soon, as reported in PCWorld:

[,aid,122396,tk,dn090205X,00.asp ]

and listed on the Mozilla Developer News blog:

[ ]

it looks like the new beta version (and keep in mind that this is a BETA version, meaning there’s no official support, and it should be only used by developers or other people who can submit feedback to the Mozilla group on real bugs and issues, not “omgthiswebsitedontwork!!!11one”) will be available before the end of the week. Increased Mac OS X supporrt, along with speed increases, and improved popup blocking are among the features expected in this new version. Keep an eye out if you need to be on the bleeding edge of the browser wars, but the layperson can take this as news that we’ll probably never see a Firefox 1.1, and will likely instead see the direct jump to 1.5 in October.

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