Both Microsoft and Logitech are rushing out their newest generations of computer peripherals, both vying for your upgrade dollars the next time you’re considering getting a new keyboard or mouse to replace those old busted ones, or if you’re thinking about an upgrade, or if you’re a gamer who wants to keep on top of your game with the ultimate peripherals. Microsoft has compeltely redesigned its lineup, focusing on ergonomics and style, but also for the first time really focusing on the gamers in the crowd as potential peripheral buyers:

[,aid,122404,tk,dn090605X,00.asp ]

Logitech isn’t out of the game though, among their new peripherals are of course the MX518 Gaming mouse and the G5 Laser mouse(and the G7, it’s cordless cousin), the former sporting over 1600 dpi resolution on the optical sensor and the latter sporting a removable cartridge that allows gamers to customize the weight of their mouse for maximum effect. Also, it looks like Logitech, while Microsoft is targeting the gamers, is going after the regular users a bit more now that they have some serious gaming peripherals on the market with their new MX610 Laser cordless mouse, which promises to come with a light-up “eye” that will flash orange, for example, when a new instant message is recieved, and blue, for example, when a new email is recieved. Poking the eye will bring up the respective program! Sounds cool, huh? Check it out:

[,aid,122421,tk,dn090605X,00.asp ]

Regardless of which peripheral will catch your eye, one thing is for sure; more competition in the peripheral market will hopefully mean better peripherals for everyone, and lower prices to boot.

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