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October 12 WAS vPod Day!

And the Vs have it! Apple released a new iPod that will be replacing the standard line of 20GB/60GB models with a thinner, wider, widescreen version of the iPod in 30GB and 60GB models for the same price that now have the capability to play video. Also, the updated and redesigned iTunes Music Store allows people to download music videos and play them on their iPod, and Apple made the announcement that they’ve partnered with ABC to bring hit television shows like Desperate Housewives and Lost to your iPod. The new iPods are shiny and sexy with nice big screens, and they’ve been all the buzz all over the technology community. From CNet to the New York Times, everyone’s talking about them and the deal to bring video content to the iPod.

Apple’s perhaps less focused-on announcement was the unveiling of a new iMac, with a built-in iSight camera and a remote control that allows you to use their new software, called Photo Booth, to treat your iMac like a display device for video conferencing, home media like music, movies, and photos, and more. Definitely a promising development for the new iMac line. And since everyone’s chattering about it, there’s no lack of information to present with all the news in it. Check it out:

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