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10 Things Every New Mac User Should Know

Posted by Alan Henry on November 30th, 2005

This post has been making the blog circuits lately, and rightfully so-if you’ll be lucky enough to grab a new Macintosh in one form or another this holiday season, or even if you’re just new to the Mac or to OS X and interesting in learning about it, these are some basic tips and tricks […]

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

Posted by Alan Henry on November 30th, 2005

Now this is an impressive list! Full of awesome downloads and tools you can use to pretty much do just about anything! From the best free web browser (firefox, of course!) to the best free firewall, this list is pretty full and comprehensive. The best free spyware removal tools, the best free rootkit scanner, the […]

Lab Rats Gets a New Look!

Posted by Alan Henry on November 30th, 2005

The Lab Rats website over at [ ] just finished a redesign and it looks great! It’s a much better portal to all the great content over at Lab Rats than the previous page was, and it’s definitely an improvement. Don’t worry about the redesign, all the links to the old shows still work […]

Digital Life TV // Episode 17 and back

Posted by Alan Henry on November 30th, 2005

Digital Life TV returns this week with a new episode, heralding the birthday of Pong and the birth of video games as a popular medium, the mad rush for XBox 360s last week, and rumors about the next Mac Mini gunning to be a home theatre and media box, with an Intel processor, and due […]

Weezy and The Swish // Episode 25

Posted by Alan Henry on November 29th, 2005

This week’s Weezy and The Swish features guest host Blair Butler from X-Play, and she chats up games and the holiday season; whether you should run out and pick up an XBox 360 or a Nintendo DS, and then gets into more geekery by discussing comic books and other delicious tidbits about life at X-Play. […]

Lab Rats // Episode 6

Posted by Alan Henry on November 29th, 2005

A New Lab Rats is out and making the rounds! This week Sean and Andy show you how to set up a basic home network. If you haven’t done this already, it’s definitely a good time to learn, and save money when the cable or DSL installers offer to do it for you. They take […]

This Week In Tech [TWIT] // Episode 32

Posted by Alan Henry on November 28th, 2005

This week’s This Week In Tech is hosted by Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Steve Gibson, Alex Lindsay, and John C. Dvorak, which shows us we’re getting back to normal. The crew is chatting via Skype, all from their various home bases around the country. Complaints of the new XBox 360 overheating are showing up here […]

Command-N // Episode 24

Posted by Alan Henry on November 28th, 2005

This week’s Command-N has Amber and Mikey marvelling over the new XBox 360, the brat who runs SmashMyXbox, and more XBox chatter. The two mull over a possible deal between CBS and either Google or Yahoo! to deliver television content on the internet, and show off the “Ultimate List of Google Services,” [ ] […]

DiggNation // Episode 22

Posted by Alan Henry on November 28th, 2005

This week’s DiggNation is a holiday special that you absolutely have to see the video for, according to the website. (those of us not subscribers, we’ll have to wait until later in the week) In the meantime, the audio is up and ready for everyone. The show is a recap episode, bringing back up some […]

Security Now! // Episode 15

Posted by Alan Henry on November 28th, 2005

This week on Security Now! Leo and Steve discuss the topic of VPNs and private networks, and more importantly how they can provide you with a more secure environment when computing away from home or the office, or in general. Steve begins his search for a free, secure, reliable VPN server that we can all […]

Browser Makers Agree to Standards

Posted by Alan Henry on November 25th, 2005

Aimed at making it easier to protect yourself while surfing the web, and specifically to help you fight back against phishing sites and scammers online, the makers of the most popular browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and the Konqueror, met to discuss ways they can commonly impliment standards in all of their browsers to make […]

Wired’s Ultimate Geek Gift Guide!

Posted by Alan Henry on November 25th, 2005

Just in time to help you get a good start to your holiday shopping, Wired has produced their “Ultimate Geek Gift Guide,” which promises to help you find the perfect gift for the geek in your life. But I hope you love that geek in your life a lot, because Wired’s selection of gifts, with […]

Lab Rats // Episode 5

Posted by Alan Henry on November 23rd, 2005

On this week’s Lab Rats, Andy and Sean give us a walkthrough on how to add a hard drive to a computer. The instructions vary depending on the computer you have, but it’s pretty straightforward and standard enough that anyone can follow it! The duo discuss the difference between Serial ATA (SATA) and IDE and […]

Weezy and the Swish // Episode 24

Posted by Alan Henry on November 22nd, 2005

Another Weezy and the Swish to make your Tuesday worth living through! This week, film critic Cecily Knobler gives us her opinion on the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [ ] and the Johnny Cash biopic with Joaquin Phoenix, Walk The Line [ ]. Also, Alan Wenkus, […]

This Week In Tech [TWIT] // Episode 31

Posted by Alan Henry on November 21st, 2005

A brand new TWIT this week, but featuring a skeleton crew since everyone is all over the place this week. Tune in for this episode and you can expect to hear Leo Laporte, Steve Gibson, and John C. Dvorak only, discussing this week’s technology news and information, ripe with commentary. The trio discuss where everyone […]

DiggNation // Episode 21

Posted by Alan Henry on November 21st, 2005

On this fine 21st epside of DiggNation, Alex and Kevin discuss the iPod Nano hack that allows it to do video, cracking the XBox 360, a documented case of a man who supposedly had HIV but somehow was cured, the iStone iPod dock, and the mashup of every playboy centerfold overlapping in one picture (that’s […]

Command-N // Episode 23

Posted by Alan Henry on November 21st, 2005

This week on Command-N, Amber and Mikey get the scoop on what’s going to be in the next version of Microsoft Office, specifically Microsoft Excel, and talk about changes to Yahoo! shopping, Google Base, changes at Amazon, Google Analytics, blogging hacks, and much more! Of course, Amber and Mikey also give us their web picks […]

Security Now! // Episode 14

Posted by Alan Henry on November 21st, 2005

This week Leo and Steve are talking about VPNs, and methods of connecting securely wirelessly and transmitting your data in encrypted formats over the air. The duo also update us on a few updates and details regarding the Sony Rootkit story from last week, and chat a little more about finding the best WPA password […]

Great Online Sources for Finding New Music

Posted by Alan Henry on November 21st, 2005

If you’re like me and absolutely tired of the nonsense you have to take from the music industry just to play a CD in your computer while you work or to make a copy to take on a roadtrip without damaging the original, this is for you. PC World has a treat for you: a […]

TechTV Forever Supports the Electronic Frontier Foundation!

Posted by Alan Henry on November 16th, 2005

Partially because the EFF has always been the best lobby the technology crowd has, and because they’re out there working on a regular basis to make sure that our digital rights, privacy, and security are protected both from crooks and thieves who would steal them to scam up as well as companies and government agencies […]