Partially because the EFF has always been the best lobby the technology crowd has, and because they’re out there working on a regular basis to make sure that our digital rights, privacy, and security are protected both from crooks and thieves who would steal them to scam up as well as companies and government agencies that would trade them, spam us, watch us, and monitor our every move, the EFF has been an incredible force in both government and technology circles in making sure that the real issues and needs of technology are properly addressed in government and in business. For example, take a look at their open letter to Sony BMG here in relation to the Sony Rootkit DRM scandal:

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Essentially, you broke it, you oughta fix it, and fix it properly, without opening up additional security holes (as they’ve done), deny responsibility (as they’ve done), ignore the issue (as they’ve done), or lie and insult the public (as they’ve also done). Because the EFF has been such an impressive motivator for personal rights and freedoms and technology, TechTV Forever advises anyone interested in becoming a member and support the fine work that the EFF is doing:

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