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This Week In Tech [TWIT] // Episode 33

Another TWIT is in the can! This week’s TWIT features brand new swanky microphones and hosts Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Robert Heron, Alex Lindsay, and John C. Dvorak. This week the TWITs chat about the veracity of wikipedia and what that might mean for wikipedia in the long run, but does it really matter? Also, music piracy defendants fighting back against the RIAA, hijacking podcasts, and Universal apparently believes it’s illegal to email their employees (yeah, right). Skype does video, Microsoft releases a lightweight photo editing and sharing application that looks like what a lot of people think Windows Vista will look like, and Walt Mossberg goes batty over the new Apple iMacs with the built in iSight. Also, all signs point to Apple releasing intel boxes in January-the question is now just which systems will get the overhaul first. Will RIM have to kill the BlackBerry, and other mysteries like where Apple’s TiVO killer Mac Mini is. New Orleans will get free wi-fi when there are enough people in the city to use it, China is proposing it’s own DVD format, and the US Air Force is trying to invent a phaser. Sound tasty? The mirror is up, download the show now!

This Week In Tech [TWIT] Episode 33 // December 4, 2005 – [ episode notes | download ]

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