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New Podcast: Triangulation // Episode 1

Posted by Alan Henry on December 6th, 2005

Yet another new podcast from the TWITs; Leo Laporte, John C Dvorak, and Lawrence Lessig all gather around a three-sided table (okay, not really) and discuss the big uproar over Google Print, and their endeavor to archive entire libaries worth of information and create a search service for books in their entirety. One would think […]

CyberWalker Mondays // Episodes 8 and 9

Posted by Alan Henry on December 6th, 2005

I think Andy snuck in Episode 8 along with Episode 9; but there are two new CyberWalker Mondays up and ready for your enjoyment! So let’s take on each episode individually so you know what you’re getting into, shall we? In episode 8, Andy discusses his new business venture [ ] and the fact […]

Inside the Net // Episode 2

Posted by Alan Henry on December 6th, 2005

This week on Inside the Net, Leo and Amber chat about Flock, the Firefox-based so called “social browser,” that allows quick and immediate access to social networking sites, information, social bookmarking, and integrates web surfing, blogging, flickr, and, all in one little package. If you use those services heavily, it might be worth a […]