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CyberWalker Mondays // Episodes 8 and 9

I think Andy snuck in Episode 8 along with Episode 9; but there are two new CyberWalker Mondays up and ready for your enjoyment! So let’s take on each episode individually so you know what you’re getting into, shall we?

In episode 8, Andy discusses his new business venture [ ] and the fact that we might be seeing more books from him in the future on all manner of technology topics, and then Andy and Mike get right into it with callers and their live questions. The pair discuss the topics of spyware and rootkits, and talk about how they slow down your system. They also talk about the benefits of using Firefox and how you’ll essentially get no spyware by using it, in contrast to Internet Explorer. Also, they talk a little about the release of the XBox 360, and how even though it’s obviously a gaming console, it makes a great HD home theatre system as well.

CyberWalker Mondays Episode 8 // December 5, 2005 – [ episode notes | download ]

In episode 9, Andy and Mike discuss HP’s new technology product line and the changes HP is makng to try and stay relevant, plug Andy’s book business one more time [ ] and whether partitioning that brand new huge hard drive is a good idea. Andy also gives us his tip on keeping your computer from restarting every time you install new software, and some of his favorite anti-spyware programs. All this and more caller questions!

CyberWalker Mondays Episode 9 // December 5, 2005 – [ episode notes | download ]

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