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Systm // Episode 5

A new Systm! The perfect holiday gift for the geek looking for some new content! On this episode of Systm, Kevin and an Asterisk developer talk about Asterisk, a new open-source VOIP solution for those of you doing voice over IP. What is Asterisk? Well, I’ll let the episode notes answer:

Asterisk is an insanely powerful, yet easy to use, open source voip telephony toolkit (server software) that runs on virtually any platform. It allows anyone to manage VoIP services in their own home in more powerful ways than the most expensive PBX (public branch exchange). For example, it can serve as a gateway from a VoIP service to your copper phone lines, forward calls to your mobile device from wherever you are, allow you to create VoIP connections to anyone on the Internet, manage voicemail, prompts … a virtually limitless capability depending on how far you want to take it.

Sound good? Awesome. Enjoy!

Systm Episode 5 // December 22, 2005
[ episode notes | download links ]

ed. correction: Chris, of the Leoville Town Square Podcast [ ] was kind enough to point out that it wasn’t Dan in that video, but an Asterisk developer! I made the correction above, and thanks Chris!

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Thanks for the correction! Can you tell I’ve downloaded it but not watched it yet? That thumbnail on the site is misleading!

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