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7 of the Top 10 Podcasts on Podnova are by Former TechTV Stars

Blatantly stolen from Digg [ ] it looks like the title is actually true. The digg poster of the original story wonders for a moment how the TechTV crew ever got the boot from the airwaves, and well, the answer is simple: niche marketing and the greed of G4 and Comcast execs. Luckily the folks at G4 are getting their comeuppance now that their brand new network (with their oh-so-desired 50 million extra homes) is tanking so hard they’re dying to copy Spike TV’s business model (reruns of The Man Show and Star Trek: TNG, anyone?), and even Comcast has seen the light enough to sack Charles Hirschorn, the man who orchestrated the takeover in the first place.

But even so, their loss is our gain in terms of free, quality programming and podcasts for the web, and you know we’ll help you keep track of it all at TechTVForever!

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