Because the year just isn’t complete without some good “fill-in-the-blank of 2005” lists, ExtremeTech is fresh out of the gate with their list of failed tech trends of the past year. From high-definition everything to the whole Sony rootkit DRM fiasco bringing the evils of DRM copy protection to the fore in tech world, I think they’ve put together a pretty good list of some of the things that everyone told us would be the hottest trends of 2005 and that we could expect to see everyone using those technologies by year’s end, and lo they failed to materialize in any meaningful way, if at all.

My personal favorite? The flooding of the market with digital music players destines to compete with-and subsequently horribly fail against-the Apple iPod (not saying there aren’t good competitors, or even some better products, just that the market’s been saturated with crap) and their interesting take on how GMail wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Enjoy!

[ ExtremeTech // Top Ten Failed Tech Trends of 2005 ]

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