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CES 2006: Show-Stopping Photos From Day 3

More photos from the show floor at CES, brought to us by the staff at PC World! Now that the show is in full gear and going strong, we’re getting a look at some of the wackier and more interesting items brought out for show, some of which probably will never even make it to store shelves near you. But nevertheless, they’re definitely fun to look at, at the very least!

PC World brings us this time a company that’s selling to the gaming crowd by selling pre-modded personalized computers, the ultimate iPod dock/stereo station, a handheld lie detector, the ultimate backpack, and just the device you need to turn your old 4th gen iPod (ipod photo) into an ipod that can play video. (if you’re like me and bought your ipod photo like 3 weeks before the ipod with video came out!) Add to thast some hot new satellite radio receivers that can go anywhere you go, and even more cool gizmos, and you have PC World’s photo wrap-up from the third day at the show!

[ PC World // CES: Show-stopping Photos from Day 3 ]

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