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Google Calendar Launched!

Last week Google finally released the Google Calendar service to as many people as want to sign up for it. The entire calendar works in Ajax, and has worlds of features to help you stay organized that other services like the Yahoo! Calendar, for example, doesn’t have. Not only can you import calendars from other public calendars so you can import everything from holidays to DVD releases in one fell swoop, you can also sync and export your calendar between Google Calendar and Apple’s iCal.

Add to this the ability to make your calendar public, link it up with GMail, the ability to have Google Calendar send your cellphone an SMS text message when you have an appointment coming up or a list of upcoming appointments, and the ability to give other users permissions to your Google Calendar so you can have your friends or family schedule things for you, Google Calendar looks like a solid winner. If you don’t have a GMail account, no worries, you can still sign up to use Google Calendar. Head over and check it out!

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