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Product Review :: Eurocom M590K Emperor 19-Inch Laptop

emperor laptop

This thing is super huge. I’m not kidding at all.

CNet reviews the new 19-inch laptop from Eurocom, which is seriously huge as compared to even the 17-inch laptop that the reviewer has in the studio to compare it with; and even though the thing sports cool features like full-bodied stereo speakers and a full keyboard with number pad, the thing still looks a little plastic-y for being so expensive and so big. I would have liked to see a more solid, maybe metallic design to give the thing a little more substance, but I suppose for being as big as it is, a thicker case would have made the Emperor heavier.

I seriously wonder, with most people already considering the 17-inch widescreen generation of laptops as “desktop replacements,” whether that need will usher in any kind of demand for laptops this incredibly huge. I suppose time will tell.

Regardless, there’s a reason they call this thing the “Emperor.” Check out the CNet review and watch the video to learn more!

[ CNet :: Eurocom M590K Emperor Laptop ]

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