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Top 5 Things You Should Never Buy

cell antenna

Over at SciFi Tech, there’s a quick rundown of perhaps five of the worst products I’ve ever seen, and they’re absolutely right in the assertion that no one should buy any of these, ever. I mean ever. Starting off with the “cellular signal booster,” those little plastic things they tell you to stick on your cell phone under your battery, and going all the way to refurb computers, extended warranties, overpriced cables, and floor models, the article hits on each one of those five with some serious buying advice as to why you should never, ever purchase any of them, even if they look like they’re a really good bargain.

I have to admit, I’m with them. Some of these things are a scam (the antenna thing, for example) but some of them might seem like good ideas to save money (floor models, which often have been mishandled and are near death anyway and usually sold as-is) or protect your investment (extended warranties from electronics stores, which are a waste of cash-take the money you would have spent on the warranty and stash it away just in case you actually DO need repairs) and they’re right in getting to the bottom of them.

Hey, don’t say we never taught you anything! Read and be enlightened!

[ SciFi Tech :: Top 5 Things You Should Never Buy ]

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