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DL.TV // Episode 74

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On this week’s second episode of DL.TV, Patrick and Robert talk about Samsung’s BD-P1000, but why they’re not horribly thrilled with the first Blu-Ray movies that have come out. They discuss a way to find out if AT&T is feeding the NSA your data, follow up on the Backup Awareness Month (BAM) t-shirt giveaway, and play some Guitar Hero. As usual, they get into viewer questions, as well.

DL.TV Episode 74 // June 29, 2006
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Programming and Podcasts

CrankyGeeks // Episode 16

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This week’s episode of CrankyGeeks brings Annalee Newitz, Contributing Editor, Wired; Sebastian Rupley, West Coast Editor, PC Magazine; and David Spark, Host, ‘The Communications Insider’ together with John C Dvorak to talk tech and get cranky. Among the topics this week are Samsung’s new Blu-Ray DVD player, gets a deal to sell hollywood movies, YouTube in bed with NBC, homeland security grounds the LAPD’s plans for a surveillance drone, and much much more.

CrankyGeeks Episode 16 // June 29, 2006
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