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[ Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 ]
[ Microsoft Annonces Office 2007 Delay; Announces Test Drive ]

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DL.TV // Episode 75

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This week’s last DL.TV brings the beginnings of a new set to the viewing public; the blue wall is gone and a big plastic tarp is in its place!

Getting down to business, Robert and Patrick chat about how to burn and create ISO disk images, the best way to create, destroy, size, and resize partitions of all manner of file structure, from NTFS to HFS+. Also, Nintendo of America gives the president a Nintendo DS Lite and a copy of the game Brain Age for his 60th birthday (I’m avoiding jokes about his intelligence), news that digital music sales are way way up while CD sales are still falling, Microsoft is claiming it’s got an iPod killer ready and will unveil it by Christmas, and of course tons and tons of viewer questions.

DL.TV Episode 75 // July 6, 2006
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Programming and Podcasts

CrankyGeeks Special // The DMCA, Copyright and Intellectual Property on the Net

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This week on Crankygeeks, a special episode about copyright law, the DMCA, and intellectual property, with John C Dvorak and special guests Larry Lessig, Professor of Law, Stanford Law School; Sebastian Rupley, West Coast Editor, PC Magazine; and David Bruyns, Cyberset Label Manager, A & R. The three of them discuss exactly what the DMCA is and how it effects our everyday lives, the effects of the DMCA on publishing, whether or not bloggers can be copyrighted and whether or not they count as journalists, online music publishing and copyright issues involved, and American as well as international copyright laws.

Crankygeeks Special // July 6, 2006
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