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CommandN // Episode 52

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This week on CommandN, the crew gets together to celebrate CommandN’s one-year anniversary! Amber and Jeff are side by side on Halifax harbor doing the show and talking the talk (I’ve been on that boat!) and introducing the show this week. Mikey makes his appearance later in the show, but the show kicks off with a new contest; send CommandN your geekiest photos and you might win a gorgeous 19″ Dell monitor courtesy of PriceCanada!

Diving right into the topics for the week, TextAmerica makes a 180-degree turn and decides it’ll continue to offer free moblogs for its users and new registrants, Rocketboom goes boom, Microsoft finally decides to allow Office 2007 to support the open document format, new geekly entries into the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Also on the show this week is an interview with David Cronenberg, a ton of tech tips (like how to keep track of your passwords, using various web browsers from Opera to Firefox to IE7, and more) and of course, the weekly web picks.

CommandN Episode 52 // July 11, 2006
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Weezy and The Swish // Episode 57

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This week on another fine edition of Weezy and The Swish, Laura fell off the bus and playing the role of Laura Swisher this week is Kyle Cease…and friends! The studio’s full this week with Cease and pals, including Ian Broyles, his brother Kevin, and Kevin’s girlfriend Courtney, not to mention comedian Bob Bledsoe. With this many people in the studio, you can imagine the hilarity that ensued. Only one way to find out for real though-check out the podcast.

Weezy and The Swish Episode 57 // July 10, 2006
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Lab Rats // Episode 33

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This week’s Lab Rats brings us back into the lab, and Sean and Andy (and the kitties) talk about how to get your videos and media from your computer to your TV, and the variety of computer to TV technology that’s out there to help you do it, either by connecting your computer straight to the TV, or the use of technologies like Slingbox and Orb and whatnot that help you check on your TV from almost anywhere.

Lab Rats Episode 33 // July 10, 2006
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Hook Me Up! // Episode 9

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This week’s Hook Me Up brings us to Becky Blanton’s doorstep, a photographer who needs a little help getting her gear from point a to point b. EMT Jon Chase and Becky Worley get down with the hookup and turn Blanton’s van into the ultimate mobile photo studio and give her the tools to stay on top of her work while she’s on the go. From a souped up cellphone to some awesome photography gear, Blanton gets a full scale makeover and keep her going!

Hook Me Up! Episode 9 // A Photo Studio Ready to Roll
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GeekDrome // Episode 33

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This week on GeekDrome, the same old same old. The crew gets off with a bang talking about An Inconvenient Truth, which everyone should see, and then move into teasers and trailers, like Renaissance, and news that VanDamme will make an appearance in Rush Hour 3, a movie I have no idea why they’re making. Also, rumors of a Lost movie, news that the Silver Surfer, when he appears in whatever movie it’s going to be, will not be Vin Diesel, comics news, and video game talk. All this and a photoshop contest!

GeekDrome Episode 33 // July 10, 2006
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This Week in Tech [TWiT] // Episode 61

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Leo Laporte, Will Harris, David Prager, Robert Heron, and John C. Dvorak all join us this week for another fabulous TWiT, this week discussing some of the week’s hottest (and not nearly so hot) technology news. Among the talking points for the week are the Google founders’ big private jet and the subsequent lawsuits, the Emmys’ new broadband category and the old media that dominates the category and the new media that’s been largely ignored, the unbooming of Rocketboom, AOL mulling over focusing on its pay web-services and ditching internet access, Apple dumps the eMac-finally an end to the Apple CRT era, Microsoft claims to be readying an iPod killer for the holidays, the end of a linux lab in one Toronto high school, Alienware’s “what the hell” PC designed specifically for Dell, Leo’s blog on Vox, and much much much more!

Another TWiT is in the can!

This Week in Tech [TWiT] Episode 61 // July 9, 2006
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DiggNation // Episode 53

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This week on DiggNation, Alex and Kevin are back in the hot seat and have a ton of new news and dugg stories to cover, and new beers to boot. Among the topics this week are the rise and oh-so-abrupt fall of RocketBoom, Microsoft starts censoring MSN Messenger, the Transformers movie teaser and the leaked photo that Bumblebee will be a 2009 Camaro, a casino complains that a customer’s major winnings were a “glitch” and refuses to pay the jackpot, the story that employees at National Semiconductor that got laid off are told they have to give the iPods they were given the previous year by the company back, tweaking windows XP for gaming, and the creator of Firefox’s thoughts on the future of Firefox and the IE7 betas, and much much more.

DiggNation Episode 53 // July 6, 2006
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This Week in Media // Episode 12

On this week’s This Week In Media, titled “Panning for Gold,” which I haven’t totally figured out what it means and why, the Pixel Corps crew gather around the table to talk again, including the triumphant return (or maybe not) of Replay, Veoh’s been sued, the triumphant return of James Cameron to the big screen, and 27 million downloads.

This Week in Media Episode 12 // July 8, 2006
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Security Now! // Episode 47

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This week on Security Now! Leo and Steve are back in the saddle to chat network and computer security, this time on the topic of “internet weaponry,” from denial of service attacks to distributed denial of service attacks to IRC botnets and other creative ways to bring sites down, all the way to legitimate methods like the so-called “Digg effect” or getting “slashdotted.” All this, why people attack sites and build dotnet armies, and how people defend against such legitimate or illegitimate attacks.

Security Now Episode 47 // July 6, 2006
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