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New TWiT Website Live!

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After a good long wait, Leo has finally taken the drapes off of the new website, powered by Drupal and designed by the fine folks at Lullabot! The new site is definitely a change from the kind of blog-gy nature of the previous site, but it definitely manages to include much much more information on the same page, from recent episodes of all of our favorite podcasts over there to the right, a full menu of shows to the left, and news in the center; all in a very visually attractive and pleasing way. Check out the screenshot below (click the image for a larger view):


As you can tell, the site is very well organized, and while there isn’t a ton of information there yet, it’ll doubtlessly fill up quickly with lots of information. The tabs at the top of the site will whisk you to forums, open iTunes, and more. Head on over and check out the new site!

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Programming and Podcasts

DL.TV // Episode 76

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Patrick and Robert are back in their half-finished, plastic-tarp-adorned set again this week for another glorious DL.TV! First off, the crew hits the week’s tech news, including Microsoft’s most recent set of patches this Patch Tuesday, the UK plans to extradite the hacker who broke into classified databases at the NSA and CIA and Pentagon to the United States, despite his fears he’ll be sent to Guantanamo Bay, the Business Software Alliance pays a bounty to disgruntled employees who turn in their agencies and companies for running pirated software, Friendster patents social networking, and Firefox 2.0 Beta is out and on the streets.

Also, the duo takes a look at viruses and Robert’s not-so-pleasant experience with a virus recently and how to protect yourself, and a slew of viewer questions.

DL.TV Episode 76 // July 11, 2006
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