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DL.TV // Episode 76

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Patrick and Robert are back in their half-finished, plastic-tarp-adorned set again this week for another glorious DL.TV! First off, the crew hits the week’s tech news, including Microsoft’s most recent set of patches this Patch Tuesday, the UK plans to extradite the hacker who broke into classified databases at the NSA and CIA and Pentagon to the United States, despite his fears he’ll be sent to Guantanamo Bay, the Business Software Alliance pays a bounty to disgruntled employees who turn in their agencies and companies for running pirated software, Friendster patents social networking, and Firefox 2.0 Beta is out and on the streets.

Also, the duo takes a look at viruses and Robert’s not-so-pleasant experience with a virus recently and how to protect yourself, and a slew of viewer questions.

DL.TV Episode 76 // July 11, 2006
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