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DL.TV // Episode 79

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Last week’s second DL.TV episode didn’t stream live and downloads weren’t really available until Sunday, so don’t blame us because it’s all manner of late! Seriously, we appreciate Patrick and Robert and their entire crew’s persistence in rendering the show and getting it out to us; and it looks like it was a good show, at that.

On episode 79, the crew open up by explaining why they didn’t stream the show live on Thursday, and then quickly move into tech news. They discuss terabyte hard drives coming down the line from Seagate, part two of building a quieter system, and the miracle of DNS Stuff. All this, tech news, a review of NBA football 2007, and tons of viewer questions. Long awaited yes, but worth the wait. Head on over and download it!

DL.TV Episode 79 // July 23, 2006
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