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Lab Rats // Episode 36

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Another week brings us another episode of Lab Rats; and Sean and Andy give us the rundown on what the BIOS is and what it does, and how to update and tweak your BIOS for better performance.

Lab Rats Episode 36 // July 31, 2006
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GeekDrome // Episode 36

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This week on GeekDrome the crew has a lot to talk about, including reviewing the big releases this weekend (and some a little older), like Monster House, Scanner Darkly, Tae Guk Gi, and House of 1000 Corpses. Also, the crew takes a look at the trailer for The Prestige and The Illusionists. Also in the news, Disney scaling back movies, another show from the creator of Entourage, comic news, and a ton of video game news and updates. All this and hate mail from the forums!

GeekDrome Episode 36 // August 1, 2006
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This Week in Tech [TWiT] // Episode 64

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A little late this week, but there’s a brand new TWiT nonetheless! Sounds good to me. This week Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, David Prager, Doug Kaye, Chris Pirillo, and Dr. Jerry E. Pournelle gather around the table to discuss the week’s tech news, including the end of E3 as we know it, Billy Bragg gets MySpace to change its policy but abandons it anyway, Core2’s looking good, but with price drops on other chips, who needs it; and much much more.

This Week in Tech [TWiT] Episode 64 // August 1, 2006
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