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CrankyGeeks // Episode 21

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I know we’re a little late on some of these, but I gotta cover em anyway! Last week on CrankyGeeks, John C Dvorak brings Sebastian Rupley, West Coast Editor, PC Magazine; Anil Dash, VP, Movable Type; and Mike Liebhold, Senior Researcher, Institute for the Future into the studio to talk about the week’s tech news and get cranky!

On this week’s show, the group discusses AOL’s plans to get into the downloadable media game and compete with iTunes and Google Video, CNN helping budding journalists get into the swing of things by posting I-Reports, the Pentagon scouring YouTube for videos that soliders have posted, the iPod vibrator, Billy Bragg’s protest and MySpace’s foul, and much much more.

CrankyGeeks Episode 21 // August 2, 2006
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