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Infected with Martin Sargent // Episode 49

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This week’s Infected is a sad, sad episode. It looks like we’ll be saying goodbye to our beloved Martin, The Gator, and their motley crew, as the good ship Infected goes down in flames. Here’s what Martin had to say about it:

Well, it’s been a fun ride, but it looks more and more like the Good Ship Infected can no longer weather the stormy seas. Hurricane Jim just proved too hellish for our proud captain and crew.

Damn you Jim, and your reorganizing the Revision3 podcasts! First Indigital and now Infected? How dare you!

Anyway, on this week’s Infected, the crew discusses the recent turn of events and what it means for them, and again invites everyone out to the bar for a fabulous 50th episode.

Infected with Martin Sargent // Episode 49
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