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This Week in Tech [TWiT] // Episode 290

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This week’s TWiT brings a heck of a panel: Leo Laporte, Kara Swisher, Om Malik and Iyaz Akhtar all gather around to discuss what the iPad 2 will look like, the Oscar winners and losers, Google’s take on content farms, and more.

ed. note: I’m not seeing downloads of our mirror of TWiT, so I’m considering stopping re-distribution of the show through our own mirror. The AOL radio mirrors of TWiT have been consistently up and working for months now, and there’s no reason to believe that they won’t continue. Let me know in the comments if you rely on TechTV Forever to mirror the show for you, but if not, we’ll go ahead and make this the last one.


This Week in Tech [TWiT] // Episode 290
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