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The TWiT Network is debuting their first new video game podcast, and it’s called Game On!

The new show features Brian Brushwood and Veronica Belmont as hosts, and does a rapid-fire, Daily Show style walkthrough of the week’s video game news, along with some great skits and segments and winds up with an after-hours LAN party every week! It’s a great and fun show, and a refreshing departure from the McLaughlin Group-style of “everybody sitting around a table talking about stuff into microphones and gesturing at each other” template that a lot of the other TWiT shows are cut from (which isn’t to say that’s good for some topics, just not for everything!) – the first two episodes are available to download now, and while we likely won’t cover every single week’s new episode, the show is off to a great start and is definitely worth subscribing!

Game On
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