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Did you know that HD Nation was back and in full swing? I only found out a couple of weeks ago, and I figured we may as well start highlighting their new episodes! HD Nation went from being a long-format show to a segment during Tekzilla and now it’s going back to the long-format again, covering all of the best in home theater and audio, new Blu-ray and movie releases, streaming media news, and more! You can find out more and subscribe over here, at

Now that we’re back on the HD Nation bandwagon, in this most recent episode Patrick Norton and Robert Heron discuss bottom of the budget speakers, curved OLEDs, best new Blu-rays, why spring sucks for OTA HD, and more.

HD Nation // Episode 228
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One Response to “HD Nation // Episode 228”

    Thanks for posting this. I searched the Rev3 blog to see exactly when the long-form returned so I could add hdnation back to my podcatcher, and nothing. I found the annoucement of when they merged it into tekzilla, but they didn’t feel it necessary to annouce the breakout. The episode number was the detail I needed most.

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