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The Screen Savers Return!

We’re breaking radio silence for very, very good reason here: The Screen Savers are coming back!

That’s right – the show you remember and love is coming back, with some familar and some new faces, and it’ll be called The New Screen Savers, airing weekly on TWiT – and we can imagine it being at home anywhere else.

Leo Laporte is spearheading the operation, of course, but you’ll see some more than familiar faces and names on the show, like Megan Morrone (now Megan Olsen), Mike Elgan, Jason Howell, and Father Robert Ballacer, and some other names who’ll show up as special guests and guest hosts, like original Screen Savers co-host Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Kate Botello, and many many more.

In a press release from TWiT, Leo says:

“For years people have asked me if we ever planned to create a new Screen Savers show,” said Leo Laporte, “and I’ve always said no. It was too daunting a task and I didn’t want to just copy our previous success. But after 10 years we’ve built an amazing team at TWiT and I think the time is right to create a new version of The Screen Savers, updated for a new generation and featuring the latest technology. The original Screen Savers show was all about celebrating the geek in all of us and empowering everyone to use technology for a better life. I think the world still needs to hear that message. The Screen Savers rise again!”

In addition to the announced guests, we spied a few additional names in this instagram photo snapped by Leo like Martin Sargent and Morgan Webb! You’ll also notice some familiar segments there too, like Call for Help, and a news roundup!

That’s not all – the show launches on May 2nd, and will record live every Satuday at 3pm PT, and stream live at, and be available later via podcast – you can subscribe now at!

We can’t say how excited we are to hear this news. This is going to be huge! All our thanks to the TWiT family for their awesome work, and for keeping the dream of great tech programming alive and available to more people than ever before!

Special thanks to Glenn Rubenstein for passing the news along to me!

Site News

Putting a Lid on 10 Great Years!

TechTV Forever started about 10 years ago, born out of the disappointment and frustration that our much-loved TV network dedicated to technology had been snapped up by a TV network that, as we feared at the time and learned as it happened, was dedicated to improving its viewership numbers and reach at the cost of everything that made that network worth watching and everything those of us who enjoyed it held dear. It was a tough time, and we all came together to keep track of our favorite personalities, their activities, their new and future projects, and where they went after TechTV went off the air, and we’ve done a great job at that!

Times change though. A while back we asked you what you thought, where we should go from here, and while we know plenty of you are out there, it seems like many of you were as stumped as we are!

These days even some of our favorite podcast projects, like Tekzilla over at Revision3, are slowing down or shutting down, and it’s not for lack of tech programming on the web – TWiT is still running strong, YouTube is packed with unboxing videos, reviews, software tutorials, and more tech videos than you could ever watch – not to mention tons of old TechTV programs that have been uploaded to the web.

A number of our favorite personalities are still podcasting and still dishing out great information, like Patrick Norton over on This Week in Computer Hardware and Leo Laporte on the eponymous This Week in Tech, to name a few. Even more are doing their own things in different areas, and we support all of them wholeheartedly.

That said, it’s time for our experiment to wrap itself up. We’re putting a lid on TechTVForever (or as some of you know us, BeyondTechTV), but we’re not screwing that lid on too tightly. We’ll still be around, if there’s still big news we’ll update, and we’ll do our best to keep the links on this site up to date and pointing to the right projects, social streams, and shows that our favorite personalities are working on. And of course, as always, if you have tips and more information, leave them for us in the comments here, or anywhere on the site.

It’s been an amazing 10 years watching technology evolve and change, and watching our favorite tech reporters, enthusiasts, journalists, and fans evolve with it. Here’s to the future!