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DL.TV // Episode 49

Posted by Alan Henry on April 5th, 2006

On another fine episode of DL.TV, Patrick and Robert cave to the people who have been asking for linux segments and start a review and in-depth journey into OpenSUSE. Yay. Patrick goes on to show us some of the new features in Microsoft Office 2007, including the “ribbon” a part of the new Office interface […]

New Tech Blog by the TechTV Forever Folks!

Posted by Alan Henry on February 15th, 2006

Not getting enough tech in your diet? Well listen up! We’re starting up a new technology blog to cover all topics tech and branch out a bit into more tech news, commentary, product reviews, cool tips and tricks, more websites and awesome applications, and ways to make technology work better for you, or if you […] Has a New Look!

Posted by Alan Henry on December 11th, 2005

It was a long time in coming, but TechTV Forever needed a face lift, and the time is now! Check out the new digs! We tried to do it in the middle of the night so people didn’t wonder what was going on while viewing the site, but we definitely hope that this is an […]

TechTV Forever Supports the Electronic Frontier Foundation!

Posted by Alan Henry on November 16th, 2005

Partially because the EFF has always been the best lobby the technology crowd has, and because they’re out there working on a regular basis to make sure that our digital rights, privacy, and security are protected both from crooks and thieves who would steal them to scam up as well as companies and government agencies […]

One of my personal favorite personalities from the old TechTV days is the wonderful Becky Worley. [ ] (and keep an eye on her blog: [ ] So I couldn’t resist asking her to sit down with us for a bit and answer a few of our questions about what one of our […]

After begging and pleading (actually, she was very happy to help out!) our prayers have been answered and the lovely Amber MacArthur granted us an interview! Amber MacArthur is host of Call for Help [ ], on TV worldwide, started in Canada being produced up there, and now finally back in the United States […]

Doing Our Part: Helping the Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Posted by Alan Henry on August 31st, 2005

The members of TechTV Forever, LongLiveTechTV (and 535 York, LLTTV’s podcast, available at, and all of us here at TechTV would like to take a moment to reach out to the entire community to do whatever they can to help the victims of hurricane Katrina, to help those people whose lives have been […]

Recently the TTVF crew had the opportunity to chat with Andy Walker, host of Call for Help [ ] with Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur, which is currently being aired on G4TechTV Canada and on several other fine networks around the world, (in places like Austrailia, the Phillipines, and more!) not to mention the […]

Weezy and THE SWISH, and a Comment Reminder

Posted by Alan Henry on July 16th, 2005

Sorry about the title guys in the episode 5 link, I had “Weezy and the Switch,” which goes to show you how tired I was when I wrote the entry. It’s corrected now! Also, thanks, “c4hfan,” or might I say [email protected] or might I say IP Address ”″ for being a royal ass and […]

Short Hiatus…Coming to a Close!

Posted by Alan Henry on January 27th, 2005

Thanks for being patient with us everyone! We’d been on the move to a new location since roughly the 15th of January and now we’re getting settled in, got internet access, and we’re hoping to get TTV-F back on a daily updating schedule bringing you all the coolest tech tips, info, news, downloads, and events […]

Happy New Year from TechTV Forever!

Posted by Alan Henry on January 1st, 2005

Happy New Year! From the TechTV Forever crew to you, here’s to a wonderful new year, full of everything you could possibly dream of, want, or especially, need. Here’s to making 2005 the best year it can be! Build that home theatre PC that you’ve been wanting and didn’t get for the holidays, here’s to […]

Welcome to TechTV Forever!

Posted by Alan Henry on December 16th, 2004

Hello world! Welcome to TechTV! TechTV Forever is meant to embody and help preserve the spirit of TechTV on the web by providing not just information and updates on our favorite TechTV personalities and what they’re up to, but also as a clearing house for information regarding technology programming on television, technology news and […]