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commandN // Episode 162

Posted by Alan Henry on December 24th, 2008

On this week’s commandN, very happy holiday wishes from Amber and the gang, Apple’s last year at Macworld, YouTube unveils unique view counts, Christmas music on the Web, the Madagascar pengiuns star in their own Christmas caper, and more! commandN // Episode 162 [ episode notes and download links ]

Kevin Rose on the Cover of BusinessWeek!

Posted by Alan Henry on August 9th, 2006

According to BusinessWeek, Kevin Rose is worth something like $60 million US. Kevin Rose says in this week’s DiggNation [ ] that that couldn’t be farther from the truth and that he doesn’t even have the money for a new couch for his new place. Either way, it’s no doubt that Digg is a […]

Microsoft Launches Windows Live Product Search

Posted by Alan Henry on May 9th, 2006

In an attempt to compete with services like Froogle, Microsoft has added a new weapon to its arsenal under the Windows Live banner; Windows Live Product Search. The new website allows you to search for products across 100,000 retailers, and sort them by price, relevance, keyword, or even search within the sites listed on the […]

Beatles Lose Apple Court Battle

Posted by Alan Henry on May 9th, 2006

The long, drawn out court battle between Apple Corps and Apple (Computer) has finally drawn to a close, and Apple Corps, the music company, has lost. They plan to file an appeal, so the issue is by no means settled, but for the time being this combined with news that portions of the Beatles music […]

Google Calendar Launched!

Posted by Alan Henry on April 18th, 2006

Last week Google finally released the Google Calendar service to as many people as want to sign up for it. The entire calendar works in Ajax, and has worlds of features to help you stay organized that other services like the Yahoo! Calendar, for example, doesn’t have. Not only can you import calendars from other […]

You could have cut the tension with a knife at MacWorld yesterday, when the reporters and fans filed in to see Steve Jobs give the keynote speech, and Steve wasn’t one to dissapoint. Starting off the day by unveiling a new wired remote for the iPod with video that includes an fm tuner (now the […]

CES 2006: Show-Stopping Photos From Day 3

Posted by Alan Henry on January 8th, 2006

More photos from the show floor at CES, brought to us by the staff at PC World! Now that the show is in full gear and going strong, we’re getting a look at some of the wackier and more interesting items brought out for show, some of which probably will never even make it to […]

CES: Hot Products from the Second Day

Posted by Alan Henry on January 6th, 2006

PC World is back, giving us more sneak peeks and hot products now that the show has officially opened and the droves of media, geeks, and technology enthusiasts are walking the floor looking for hot items and what will hopefully be the next big trends in technology and the digital lifestyle. This year’s looking good, […]

Microsoft Releases a Patch for WMF Flaw

Posted by Alan Henry on January 5th, 2006

Took them long enough, but Microsoft finally pushed out a patch today to repair the Windows MetaFile flaw, and the patch even coexists peacefully with the old workaround that Steve and Leo were reccomending on Security Now! and the GRC website [ ]. The new patch is available through Windows Update, of course, or […]

CES: The First 24 Hours

Posted by Alan Henry on January 4th, 2006

The insiders at PC World have already managed to sneak their way into CES long before the show opens (officially on Thursday) and have wandered around to get some exclusive pictures and highlights from some of the gadgets we’ll be seeing on the display floor this year. Some of these guys look pretty cool, others….not […]

Wired News’ Best/Worst/Everything of 2005

Posted by Alan Henry on December 29th, 2005

Wired News is really on top of the whole year-end list phenom. We’ve got a bunch of them this time: Wired news brings us the best and worst tech moments of 2005, the 2005 foot-in-mouth awards, 2005’s 10 sexiest geeks, (sadly, I’m not on the list, oh well, there’s next year) and the biggest discoveries […]

Top Failed Tech Trends of 2005

Posted by Alan Henry on December 29th, 2005

Because the year just isn’t complete without some good “fill-in-the-blank of 2005” lists, ExtremeTech is fresh out of the gate with their list of failed tech trends of the past year. From high-definition everything to the whole Sony rootkit DRM fiasco bringing the evils of DRM copy protection to the fore in tech world, I […]

Microsoft Unveils Windows Live Safety Center

Posted by Alan Henry on December 1st, 2005

For those of us who have used TrendMicro’s HouseCall in the past to scan for viruses (and more recently, thanks to their upgrade, for spyware and trojans) here: [ ] Microsoft has their answer to the pressing needs of their users, who have doubtlessly turned to them for help. They’ve unveiled the Windows Live […]

Browser Makers Agree to Standards

Posted by Alan Henry on November 25th, 2005

Aimed at making it easier to protect yourself while surfing the web, and specifically to help you fight back against phishing sites and scammers online, the makers of the most popular browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and the Konqueror, met to discuss ways they can commonly impliment standards in all of their browsers to make […]

TechTV Forever Supports the Electronic Frontier Foundation!

Posted by Alan Henry on November 16th, 2005

Partially because the EFF has always been the best lobby the technology crowd has, and because they’re out there working on a regular basis to make sure that our digital rights, privacy, and security are protected both from crooks and thieves who would steal them to scam up as well as companies and government agencies […]

Sony’s Rootkit DRM Timeline and Updates

Posted by Alan Henry on November 16th, 2005

If you’ve been paying attention to tech news lately, you’ve been hearing a lot about the rootkit that Sony has been using as DRM on some of its BMG CDs for the past several months. It’s been covered on TWIT [ ], Security Now! [ ] and a great deal of other technology […]

FAQ: Identity Fraud Uncovered

Posted by Alan Henry on October 26th, 2005

CNet has a pretty comprehensive FAQ on what exactly identity theft is, how it happens to people, and how you can protect yourself. As if we all didn’t know what identity theft was by now, but the article goes into some really impressive detail about how people get your personal information and what lengths crooks […]

Spyware: What You Need to Know

Posted by Alan Henry on October 19th, 2005

Wired has a definitive guide to Spyware and what every computer should know about it, and how to go about protecting themselves. There’s a lot of buzz about spyware in technology circles and rightfully so, but this piece is geared specifically to the audience who throws up their hands and says “why should I care? […]

October 12 WAS vPod Day!

Posted by Alan Henry on October 13th, 2005

And the Vs have it! Apple released a new iPod that will be replacing the standard line of 20GB/60GB models with a thinner, wider, widescreen version of the iPod in 30GB and 60GB models for the same price that now have the capability to play video. Also, the updated and redesigned iTunes Music Store allows […]

Windows XP SP3 Preview Leaked

Posted by Alan Henry on October 9th, 2005

If you didn’t know already, Microsoft has announced that a new service pack for Windows XP, Service Pack 3, will be released near or around the time Microsoft Windows Vista will ship, sometime next year. A preview version of the new Service Pack has already surfaced online in a few places, and apparently includes a […]