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Hackers Fiercer Than Ever, FBI Says

Posted by Alan Henry on October 9th, 2005

Even though hackers have fallen from above-the-flap news, that doesn’t mean that technology security and information security is any less important, and that recent hack and crack attempts are any less damaing or difficult to investigate and prosecute than they ever have been before. At the same time, the FBI is just getting wind of […]

Microsoft Announces New Corporate Antimalware Product

Posted by Alan Henry on October 9th, 2005

Looking to satisfy both notions that most computer users have that Microsoft should take responsibility for the lack of security in the Windows operating system as well as the complaints from technology professionals and writers that Microsoft has yet to really emphasize or put a true focus on security, Microsoft has made the announcement that […]

Is October 12th vPod Day?

Posted by Alan Henry on October 5th, 2005

Rumor has it that Apple is planning on making a significant product announcement on October 12th, and sent out invitations to movers and shakers to meet with Apple at the same theatre where the U2 iPod was released last year. AppleInsider seems to think so: [ ] And they’re not the only one buzzing […]

California Makes Phishing Illegal

Posted by Alan Henry on October 4th, 2005

California has stepped up to the plate, making phishing an actual and particular crime, allowing victims of phishing scams seek damages from those who may have scammed them or taken their personal information. The Anti-Phishing Act of 2005 garnered wide support from IT industry groups as well as consumer advocates, and was signed into law […]

OS X for x86 For Sale! …in Bangkok.

Posted by Alan Henry on September 30th, 2005

Yikes. We know there’s an OS X 10.4 build out there available on the underbelly of the net that will work on x86 systems, ie, on your average PC, but the geek community has been working on it and tweaking it and studying it for a while now and it’s been completely free if you […]

Google Calendar May Be Close to Launch

Posted by Alan Henry on September 30th, 2005 (isn’t it amazing that there’s an entire site and community devoted to the “what’s google up to now” rumormill? Wow…) is reporting that Google is planning to unveil a calendaring product, or perhaps a web 2.0 style application that will give you comprehensive calendaring functionality through the web using your Google account. We don’t […]

PC World’s Top 100 Products of 2005

Posted by Alan Henry on September 30th, 2005

PC World lists off their top 100 products of 2005, and some of my faves are right up there, including Mozilla Firefox being the number one. I can drink to that! GMail is number two (keep it up!) and Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger,” rounds out the top three. Now there’s a lineup I can […]

Google Introduces Blog Searching Tool

Posted by Alan Henry on September 15th, 2005

And guess what? is already up there! Isn’t that sweet? Ahem. Seriously. The ability to only search blogs is kind of interesting, and I think it’s a step towards affirming blogging as a legitimate and valuable source of information and news. I find that some of the best unfiltered and personal on-the-ground information and […]

Firefox 1.5 Beta Released!

Posted by Alan Henry on September 9th, 2005

If you have to be on the bleeding edge of technology (like I do) then this download is for you. Keep in mind that Firefox alphas and betas are completely without end-user support, so you’ll have to do some digging to find out solutions to problems if you have them, or just go back to […]

Apple Announces an iTunes phone and Unveils the iPod Nano!

Posted by Alan Henry on September 7th, 2005

Two major announcements from Apple today: first of all, Apple is continuing its partnership with Cingular and Motorola to introduce a full on iTunes phone, the ROKR from Motorola, available in the United States only through Cingular, which patches straight into the iTunes Music Store through a dedicated music button on the phone. It’s pretty […]

Firefox 1.5 Beta Available Soon

Posted by Alan Henry on September 7th, 2005

A new Firefox beta is coming soon, as reported in PCWorld: [,aid,122396,tk,dn090205X,00.asp ] and listed on the Mozilla Developer News blog: [ ] it looks like the new beta version (and keep in mind that this is a BETA version, meaning there’s no official support, and it should be only used by developers […]

N.Y. Attorney General Prods AOL on Cancellation Policies

Posted by Alan Henry on August 25th, 2005

Everyone knows how horrifically difficult it is to cancel your subscription once you’ve signed on with AOL; in fact to the point that many people just don’t bother, or set aside time in their schedules for the repetative “no, I want to cancel” they have to keep saying to the AOL rep on the phone […]

Google’s Latest Is All Talk

Posted by Alan Henry on August 25th, 2005

Now I’ll preface this with the fact that I haven’t tried Google Talk. I realize it’s just another Jabber client, and I can connect to it using any Jabber-capable client, but the Mac in the office can’t use the voice-calling features that I think are cool (actually, the only version available is the Windows 2000/XP […]

Google Releases Google Talk

Posted by Alan Henry on August 24th, 2005

Again, another validation of rumors that have been running around for quite some time now-Google is getting into the instant messaging business. The word was of course that Google was planning an IM network, and it looks like that network is finally here, in the form of Google Talk: [ ] Looks like Google […]

It’s official! Call for Help to air on G4TV in the USA

Posted by Alan Henry on August 20th, 2005

While an official press release is yet to come, Leo has finally given up on holding the secret back and let the beans spill in the last 5 minutes of his “Tech Guy on KFI” radio show this week and let it be known that, as suspected (and leaked on the G4 message boards) that […]

First Look: Apple’s (Mostly) Mighty Mouse

Posted by Alan Henry on August 8th, 2005

If you hadn’t been able to tell from the array of podcasts this week and from a whole assortment of other tech news, some small part of hell just froze over because Friday Apple announced that it was releasing a mouse with -gasp- more than one button. But then again, leave it to Apple to […]

First Family of Windows Vista Viruses Unleashed

Posted by Alan Henry on August 8th, 2005

Uh oh! Looks like no sooner than Windows Vista Beta 1 go live over MSDN and to developers and other beta testers did it wind up available on the p2p circuit, and as soon as it was available on the p2p circuit the viruses appeared. Not that this is really significant news, because I’m sure […]

Wal-Mart Leaks $299 Xbox 360 Price

Posted by Alan Henry on August 2nd, 2005

Oh look out! Gamers beware! Okay-this really wasn’t so particularly amazing or unexpected. We all had expected the purchase price for Microsoft’s next-generation console gaming system, the Xbox 360, to be about $299, and today’s leak by Walmart pretty much confirmed it. Granted the price could change between now and then, but it probably won’t […]

Hackers Annihilate Wi-Fi Record

Posted by Alan Henry on August 2nd, 2005

124.9 miles. That’s ridiculous-it’s something like the distance between Baltimore, MD and Philadelphia, PA. That’s the current record for a direct unamplified wifi connection, held by team iFiber-Redwire, achieved this past week at the Defcon hacker convention in Las Vegas. From a mountain in Nevada to a mound in Utah, the team managed to get […]

Congress Drafts National Technology Recycling Plan

Posted by Alan Henry on August 2nd, 2005

Finally some good news from the halls of government. Everyone admits that landfills and dumps are beginning to overflow with old technology like computers, monitors, cellphones, and printers, and while recycling and reuse programs are growing, they are still for the large part hard to find, difficult to access, and not nearly as widespread as […]