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Cool Download :: Taskbar Shuffle

Posted by Alan Henry on May 11th, 2006

Taskbar Shuffle, for Windows XP, is perhaps one of those tools that provides functionality for Windows XP that should have been in the operating system all along; it allows you to drag and drop buttons in the taskbar to reorder them to your liking. Have a specific workflow going, or do you like like having […]

Retail Computer Purchasing Experiences

Posted by Alan Henry on April 25th, 2006

Over at [H] Consumer (an offshoot site of HardOCP [ ]) some dilligent editors have published a pretty complete roundup of the kinds of service and information you should expect if you head into your average electronics store looking to buy a computer. And since many many people wind up actually going to an […]

Prolonging Your iPod Battery Life

Posted by Alan Henry on April 25th, 2006

Playlist Magazine [ ] has an excellent cover story today with some really easy and useful tips to prolong the battery life of everyone’s favorite digital music and media player. I know, I know, in real life, the iPod doesn’t get what Apple says you should get in terms of hours and songs played, […]

Top 10 Windows XP Tips of All Time

Posted by Alan Henry on April 25th, 2006

Over at Yahoo! TechWeb, you can feast your eyes on the best Windows XP tips of all time. Seriously! All time, at least according to TechWeb. The tips are pretty solid though, and they’re not all for newbies and some of them are pretty good even for advanced users. For example, a lot of the […]

Top 5 Things You Should Never Buy

Posted by Alan Henry on April 21st, 2006

Over at SciFi Tech, there’s a quick rundown of perhaps five of the worst products I’ve ever seen, and they’re absolutely right in the assertion that no one should buy any of these, ever. I mean ever. Starting off with the “cellular signal booster,” those little plastic things they tell you to stick on your […]

10 Simple Ways to Speed Up Windows XP

Posted by Alan Henry on March 17th, 2006

If you’re anything like me or most people I get to chat with on a regular basis, you’ve had your times when you think that your Windows XP machine is the slowest thing in the world and you quietly beg the computer gods to send you more RAM, or a faster machine. Well, you’re not […]

Becky Worley’s Superbowl Tech Segment; GMA Saturday 2/4/06

Posted by Alan Henry on February 3rd, 2006

Catch Becky Worley tomorrow, February 4th, 2006 on Good Morning America Weekend shooting in Detroit at Ford Field with hall-of-famer Steve Young! She’ll be on the field showing you all the awesome ways you can geek up your Super Bowl experience, with awesome stuff like wireless TV, an awesome 50-inch plasma, and the ultimate fan’s […]

How to Trace an Email

Posted by Alan Henry on January 24th, 2006

Another lovely link from our friends at LifeHacker [ ], here’s a step by step tutorial on how to trace an email using the header information. There was a time when I used to think it would help you report spammers to their ISPs, but usually ISPs and mail hosts are so flooded with […]

Find Info About Any File Type

Posted by Alan Henry on January 24th, 2006

The website contains perhaps the most massive database of filetype information on the internet, with new ones added daily. Ever come across a file with a funny extension and you have absolutely no idea what program opens it or where it might possibly have come from? Well, that’s what FileInfo is all about; demystifying […]

The Most Downloaded Konfabulator (Yahoo! Widgets) Widgets

Posted by Alan Henry on January 24th, 2006

Jon Aquino has put together what is probably one of the most useful apps for the Yahoo! Widget engines ever. No, it’s not actually a widget, but it’s a refreshing list of the most downloaded widgets for the engine form Yahoo’s site, and it includes a lot of really good widgets that do everything from […]

File Recovery Apps

Posted by Alan Henry on January 24th, 2006

We’ve all been there, it’s okay to admit it. You forgot to back up, or you just didn’t bother. And now you deleted something that you wish you had back. I know, I know, it sucks. Or you accidentally deleted something and went ahead and emptied the recycle bin without thinking about it, and now […]

Play Windows Media files in Quicktime

Posted by Alan Henry on January 11th, 2006

It’s about damned time, too! I’ve been wanting a way to play wmv files and avi files on the macintosh for years now, and it looks like there’s finally a way to do it. A company called Flip4Mac offers the Quicktime components that allow for this, and combined with Microsoft, the two of them have […]

Geek Holiday Gift Guides!

Posted by Alan Henry on December 11th, 2005

It’s not too late to get that geek on your holiday shopping list the perfect present that’ll make them squeal with the oh-so-geeky delight this holiday season! But what do you get that special someone who goes crazy over video games or ga-ga over the latest mp3 player? Well, PCWorld and Digital Life are here […]

Good Morning America: Tech Gifts for 2005 with Becky Worly Video

Posted by Alan Henry on December 5th, 2005

John Highway over at IHeartMorganWebb [ ] was kind enough to catch the segment on Good Morning America Weekend with Becky Worley and her fabulous suggestions for the geek in your life this holiday season (and they’re great suggestions!) and has posted the video on his site for all of us to view and […]

Microsoft Unveils Windows Live Safety Center

Posted by Alan Henry on December 1st, 2005

For those of us who have used TrendMicro’s HouseCall in the past to scan for viruses (and more recently, thanks to their upgrade, for spyware and trojans) here: [ ] Microsoft has their answer to the pressing needs of their users, who have doubtlessly turned to them for help. They’ve unveiled the Windows Live […]

10 Things Every New Mac User Should Know

Posted by Alan Henry on November 30th, 2005

This post has been making the blog circuits lately, and rightfully so-if you’ll be lucky enough to grab a new Macintosh in one form or another this holiday season, or even if you’re just new to the Mac or to OS X and interesting in learning about it, these are some basic tips and tricks […]

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

Posted by Alan Henry on November 30th, 2005

Now this is an impressive list! Full of awesome downloads and tools you can use to pretty much do just about anything! From the best free web browser (firefox, of course!) to the best free firewall, this list is pretty full and comprehensive. The best free spyware removal tools, the best free rootkit scanner, the […]

Wired’s Ultimate Geek Gift Guide!

Posted by Alan Henry on November 25th, 2005

Just in time to help you get a good start to your holiday shopping, Wired has produced their “Ultimate Geek Gift Guide,” which promises to help you find the perfect gift for the geek in your life. But I hope you love that geek in your life a lot, because Wired’s selection of gifts, with […]

Great Online Sources for Finding New Music

Posted by Alan Henry on November 21st, 2005

If you’re like me and absolutely tired of the nonsense you have to take from the music industry just to play a CD in your computer while you work or to make a copy to take on a roadtrip without damaging the original, this is for you. PC World has a treat for you: a […]

FAQ: Identity Fraud Uncovered

Posted by Alan Henry on October 26th, 2005

CNet has a pretty comprehensive FAQ on what exactly identity theft is, how it happens to people, and how you can protect yourself. As if we all didn’t know what identity theft was by now, but the article goes into some really impressive detail about how people get your personal information and what lengths crooks […]