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Hollywood Wants BitTorrent Dead

But it obviously won’t be that easy. BitTorrent, the all-the-rage peer-to-peer file sharing technology is completely decentralized, and even harder to crack down on than more popularly targeted networks like KaZaA and Grokster. Hollywood is tired of people sharing movies, both new and old, and is following the music industry’s example by crying that such downloads are cutting into studio profits, DVD and video sales and rentals, and the salaries of actors, directors, and staff. But the larger question remains, while Hollywood is obviously serious about it, the music industry’s tactics haven’t stopped or even slowed down online file sharing, so why does the MPAA think they’ll fare any better?

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2 replies on “Hollywood Wants BitTorrent Dead”

I don’t get Hollywood on this, of course I havent “got” Hollywood for a while now. Video files that are downloaded from the internet are really compressed and nowhere near the quality that you can buy off of the shelf at Wal-Mart. If someone bittorrents a movie and they like it, they are more likely to go buy it.


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