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‘PocketSurfer’ Delivers Wireless Web Faster

Now this is pretty cool. A web surfing wireless device designed specifically for, well, web surfing. I could see this device getting popular easily, as people would love to check webmail or read their favorite websites on the go, and would prefer that those sites actually look something like the sites they’re used to seeing. It looks very promising, even if the device is roughly 200 bucks and can only be used for web browsing; it’s kind of like having a net terminal that you can connect to your cellphone wherever you might go. And for 10 bucks a month, that’s not a horrible thing. For people who can’t stand to be disconnected but don’t always need the bulkiness of a laptop around, this could be just the ticket.

However, if this device takes off, it makes me wonder about the PDA market-for example, bluetooth capable, high resolution PDAs are already on the market; so why not just make software for a Palm or a PocketPC that does this? Oh wait-it’s been done, but it’s not wildly popular. Hmm.

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