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I know, I know, we all miss the old cast and crew of The Screen Savers, but now you can have them on your desktop! This one was passed along by a member of the Long Live TechTV Yahoogroup a while ago, and it’s only fitting to share! Now you can have Pat, Leo, Sarah, Yoshi, Megan, Morgan, Kevin, Jessica, or Martin on your desktop (or the entire crew) sitting right behind your windows reminding you that you too can solve those computer problems!

The desktops were done by Dan Heiss, who runs Venis Productions, [ ] an art and production studio that has a ton of really good comics, games, music, and more on their site! When you snag your favorite desktop and wallpaper it, make sure to stick around the site and read some comic archives, kill some time watching movies, or even drop Dan a line to tell him how much you appreciate his keeping his work online. If you really like, he says he’s available for freelance art and design, so somebody hire him and pay him lots of moneyhats. Thanks Dan!

[ ]

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