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The PDA, an Endangered Species

Many people have been sounding the death toll for the PDA for years now, claiming that they’ll be soon replaced by more versatile devices like smartphones and Blackberries that can stay online all the time, allow users to snag their email wirelessly, browse the web from anywhere using a cellular network, and talk on the phone when they see fit, but also stay used to the perks people on the go love about PDAs, calendars, contact keeping, a few games, and the like.

Personally, I love my Palm Tungsten T3 and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, especially not a smartphone, mostly because I have yet to see a smartphone that can perform the functions a PDA can as well as the functions a cellphone can and produce the web browsing capabilities that I crave WELL; sure smartphones can do them all, but they tend to do them all pretty poorly, and I think that’s the reason the PDA is hanging on, albeit by a thread. Until the technology takes a few more steps forward, I’ll consider adding a wireless card to my PDA and keeping my cellphone a separate device, but admittedly I might be in the minority, as more and more people look to carry one device that does everything they could possibly want in a palmtop system.

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