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Your Blog or Mine?

A beautiful (albeit long) article in the New York Times about blogging and it’s effect on dating, relationships, social networks, and the lives of bloggers came to the rescue of this morning’s doldrums of reading about politics. The piece follows the cause and effect of blogging about relationships, how blogging has impacted several peoples’ lives. Additionally, you get a little history about blogging, what it is and how to get involved, and why blogging is so popular.

I remember I started my first “blog” back in 1997; when I was in college and realized that I got free webspace and stayed up a couple of nights learning HTML and building what at the time was just a “personal homepage,” as people called it back then-the word “blog” didn’t exist. I just wrote on and off about what happened on a day by day basis, it was like an online diary for all who knew the address to see, and it was a cool way for people who knew you to stay in touch regardless of where they were, as long as they had an internet connection. Who knew that something that was such a leisurely pastime would grow into a digital phenomenon?

Anyway, the article discusses with prominent and popular bloggers the pros and cons of blogging about relationships and dating, not to mention address the privacy concerns of blogging what some people think is private information that somehow and suddenly becomes public on the web for all to read and interpret as they wish. Definitely a worthwhile read.

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