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Becky Worley & Roger Chang On KMAX’s Good Day Sacramento

Two people we desperately miss after The Fall are definitely Becky Worley and Roger Chang; and when we got word on the Long Live TechTV YahooGroup that the two of them would be making an appearance on Sacramento’s KMAX program “Good Day Sacramento,” we were thrilled! The program aired on Dec. 26th, and in Becky Worley’s own words:

Just wanted to let you know that Roger Chang and I are doing some computer segments on the morning of Sunday,
December 26th- It’s intended to be kinda like the old call-for-help-a-thon. We’re going to be on KMAX in Sacramento: “Good
Morning Sacramento.”

Sound completely random? you’re right! An old friend/producer from TechLive is now the E.P. at KMAX
(Brandon Mercer) and is desperate for some help and content on a slow news day. I figure it’s always good
to help someone in distress- cause then they owe you, FOR LIFE!”

Becky! Man, I miss seeing her on TV. You can watch the video of their day-after-Christmas TV appearance right here, look for “Becky Worley’s Tech Report.” Could this be a regular thing? We can only hope!

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