Evan (samureye) Interviews Joey “The Intern” from Unscrewed!

A hilarious session, no doubt. Evan (samureye), a member of the Long Live TechTV YahooGroup and tech writer in his own regard, had the opportunity to interview Joey “The Intern,” formerly of Unscrewed fame, which was recently canned by G4 management for reasons they leave vauge and see fit to let the fan community wonder about. Either way, the interview itself gives us a peek into G4’s management and staff, and what they wound up doing to our beloved Unscrewed before they up and canceled it, not to mention an up-close-and-personal chat with Joey himself! Great work Evan, thanks!

The interview:
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Evan’s technology blog; TechStuff:
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4 replies on “Evan (samureye) Interviews Joey “The Intern” from Unscrewed!”

Well this is truly flattering (spelling? maybe i should say flattening)but i didn’t know i was a tech writer.
Honestly, that was just a teaser. Part 2 of the interview has 40+ questions and has more signifigant questions as well where i ask him all about Unscrewed being cancelled. It will be great. It should be up in January, also, i have 2 more interviews lined up with past TechTv alums, the next one being Chris Pirillo and the third one a secret. So uh, i just wanted to pass by and say thanks i guess.:)

Wow, that interview is being linked to everywhere. 🙂 I find it nice that the second part will be up in the month of Joey’s birthday (and our anniversary, huzzah!)

Hope the readers who get linked from here enjoy it as well.

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