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Wil Wheaton Explains, “Why I Quit G4”

Good old Wil Wheaton, the guy that some of us were hoping would take the reins of TSS or any of the new merged G4TTV programming, explains why he left his position as head writer for Arena (they had writers? go figure!) and, like so many ex-G4 personalities, gives us a peek into the incompetency that is G4: TV for Gamers. Love it, love it, and thanks to Wil Wheaton for taking the time to write out his experiences on Slashdot; I was hoping that maybe he could breathe some sanity into the establishment, but it’s obvious that even with a chorus of sanity, not only will G4 not listen, but they’ll target the sane and lay them off.

Good to see Wil got out before they found a cheap reason to axe him. Read all about it over at his Slashdot journal.

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