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Call For Help 2.0 Returning to Aussie TV!

Well, now it looks like the United States is REALLY out in the cold. It’s been confirmed that Call For Help 2.0, currently being produced by G4TechTV Canada and being aired there much to the chagrin and jealousy of American TechTV fans, has been successfully screened and will be aired in Austrailia on the How To Channel starting on March 7th! Congratulations Aussies, you have some fine programming coming your way!

More details over at The Laporte Report:
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With any luck, the advance of CfH2.0 around the globe and the eagerness with which other markets seems to be taking the show might show some other networks here in the United States that the progam is definitely worth picking up, especially while the iron is still a bit hot. People are still unhappy over the G4TechTV merger and miss Call for Help dearly.

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