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MSTechTV? Can it Be?

Well, the rumors are definitely flying over this whole MSTechTV thing.

It all started with an innocent mailing list post over at Long_Live_TechTV and in the G4 Forums saying that TechTV fans may soon be rescued by Microsoft, who saw a need for technology programming and had the funding to make it happen, and pointed to the fact that (the domain) had been purchased by an anonymous figure. Also, the original source claimed to have seen it posted somewhere on the MSDN developer boards. While most people who thought through the idea dismissed it as rubbish, the rumor didn’t die there and tons of TechTV fans are hoping to the stars that it’s actually true. Whether it is or it isn’t remains to be seen, but some people more than others seem to be keeping the rumor (or hope) alive:

[ ]
[ ]

More people however, don’t buy it.

As for me? I’m not entirely sure what to believe, although admittedly I have to say that Leo, being in the technology and television industry, would likely know more about these things than a couple of guys with some blogs looking to scoop each other (see the insuing conflict between the blog owners on their respective pages and in comments) but anything’s possible. I’m not holding out hope on this, but I’d love to be proven wrong. Maybe TechTV Forever will jump on the bandwagon and see what information we can dig up. Stay tuned.

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