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MSTechTV Debunked…Again

Well, unfortunately my instincts proved correct and the whole MSTechTV thing, as pleasant a pipe dream as it may be, was nothing more than that, just a pipe dream. Both of the aforementioned blogs have posted statements retracting the confirmation of a pending launch of MSTechTV, for one reason or another.

Evan (samureye), who confirmed the reports earlier today, gracefully backed out by first pointing out in his original post that hey-he’s a kid with a blog and really knows nothing, but tries to collect information as he gets it; and then later posted saying he fell for the hype and apologized for anyone who fell for it too. Mike, author of Techified, however, claimed that the entire post was a prank that a friend of his played on him, but he mixes attack methods by first saying that he changed his password (implying his friend cracked his account) and then mentioning a DDOS attack. Which was it? Who knows. Was it really a prank? I doubt it.

If his website was cracked, then how did said person a: update Mike’s blog, b: send an email to the Long_Live_TechTV group about the scoop, and c: participate in a minor comment war between his blog and Evan’s blog? Hmm. Anyway, real motives remain unclear, but that’s not important. The soap opera is over, and TechTV fans know for sure now that Microsoft is not coming to their rescue with a new TechTV-like channel, at least not in the near or forseeable future.

Techtified (Mike) Retraction: [ ]
Evan’s Retraction: [ ]
[ ]

In my opinion, this points to two more important lessons. One: Don’t expect someone else to come down from on high and give you what you want like a gift from the heavens. If you want technology programming, make it happen; like Chris Pirillo is with the Chris Pirillo Show(more info on that later); and hopefully like we’ll eventually do here at TechTVForver. Two: If this were the case, what would we want out of technology programming? Would we just want someone to rehash TechTV and bring back what we missed? What is it that we miss about TechTV so much; the people, the shows, or maybe the chemistry of it all? If that’s the case, then what makes us think MS TechTV would be the savior we were hoping for? Were we hoping that MSTechTV would come, hire up all of our old friends, shack them up, and pretty much resume TTV from where it left off? Hmm. Makes me think of the future of technology on television and what I-and what we-can do to help it along so we see what we WANT to see.

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MSTechTV? Na, how about TechTV 2?

Multimedia64 may be bringing a techtv 2 to you soon, if investors can be rounded up.

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