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The Screen Savers Schedule // 1/10 – 1/14

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Mon. 1/10/2005

Thomas “Thunder” Keller, iPod Tattoos, Graphic Novels

Thomas “Thunder” Keller, youngest Gold Bracelet winner at the World Series of Poker, talks about the common ways people try to cheat, online poker, and how to win a seat in the World Poker Tour. We show
you how to create an online RPG “mob storm,” staffers share their favorite graphic novels, and we create some of our own HP iPod tattoos. Plus, Chi-Lan visits a Simple Plans music video shoot.

Tues. 1/11/2005

Frank Rose, TiVo Desktop, “Mercenaries”

Wired magazine columnist Frank Rose talks about the new world of television over the Internet and what it may mean for the TV industry. We demonstrate TiVo Desktop software, play with the new
game “Mercenaries” with its producer, and we try on some Transformer costumes that really transform. Plus, it’s DVD Super Tuesday, and’s Kim Morgan gives us her picks of the coolest titles.

Wed. 1/12/2005

EFF’s Ren Bucholz, Skype, Altoids Mods

Electronic Frontier Foundation activist Ren Bucholz lets us know what’s legal and what’s not in the ever-advancing world of digital media. We show you the many ways you can mod an Altoids tin box to
suit your iPod’s digital lifestyle, we check out Skype’s voice-over-Internet abilities by calling international payphones, and Sarah demonstrates the Alien Clock (as seen on “Star Trek Deep Space

Thurs. 1/13/2005

Hong Kong Cinema, MacWorld, Gaming Gloves

Ross Chan, founder of, gives us a primer on the Hong Kong cinema scene and tells us what films to catch. We try out Gameskinz’ neoprene “gaming gloves,” join the Society for Handheld
Hushing, and visit the annual MacWorld convention in San Francisco, the ultimate event for all Mac geeks. Kevin R. also checks in on his ongoing chemistry experiment (also known as TSS beer). Plus, it’s LAN
Party Thursday with a round of “Battlefield: 1942,” and this week’s guest will be sure to annihilate all comers: professional gamer Fatal1ty.

Fri. 1/14/2005

Virtual Clay, Destroy Your Data, MacWorld

University of Buffalo researcher Thenkurussi Kesavadas demonstrates the Virtual Reality Lab’s “virtual clay” system, which allows you to model real clay and transfer the shapes into software-based clay. Kevin R. delivers a Dark Tip on how to destroy your data – literally – with such handy household items as thermite and acid. We conclude our visit to the MacWorld convention in San Francisco, staffers pick
their favorite video games from independent studios, and Sarah reviews the weekend’s new movies.

****** TSS Weekend ****** ###### New Times ########

Sat. 1/15/2005 — 11am ET / 8am PT

Thomas “Thunder” Keller, iPod Tattoos, Graphic Novels — 1/10/2005

Sun. 1/16/2005 — 12am ET / 9pm PT , 3am ET / 12am PT

EFF’s Ren Bucholz, Skype, Altoids Mods — 1/12/2005

11am ET / 8am PT

Frank Rose, TiVo Desktop, “Mercenaries”

schedule courtesy of Paul (nightone001)

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