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New The Broken Content Coming in March

According to Kevin Rose on his own blog;

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us fans of TheBroken, located at [ ] can look forward to some deliciously new geeky techy content coming in March. If my hunch is right, it’ll essentially be everything that G4 won’t allow Kevin to put on the air on The Screen Savers, probably because it’s too intelligent or doesn’t fit the niche market of airheaded gamers (and note I say airheaded gamers, because most gamers are far too smart to fall for G4’s brand of tripe) and what they think everyone wants to see.

Well, with some luck, hopefully this’ll turn out well. It looks like Kevin really wants to turn this into a full on produced net-tv deal, so we’ll have to see where he goes from here. My only worry is that eventually he’ll go subscription-based or something like that, and people will have to pay a fee to see the goodness, keeping most of us on the outside. Here’s to hoping he’ll just keep selling TheBroken swag and other goodies and keep the main course free for those of us who really are interested.

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